A downloadable game for Windows

The year is 2332 a.c. No organic being is left untouched; Singularity reaches its peak; Humanity fights techno-economic apocalypse. Major technology companies control the political dynamic of space ecology.

You are the captain of a ship carrying some of the last few humans outside their zone of influence. You’ve heard that there are some resistance points on space stations spread around. Find them, unite them, take back control over your life. 

Lead them to Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism!


Click to move your spaceship, enemy spaceships will follow you and the satellite towers will shoot them as they get close. Make your spaceship or the towers stronger by taking population or leaving them on the towers. When all enemy waves come through, a portal appears, allowing you to move to another map. When you leave a map, you carry only the people inside your ship. 

People with different ideology affect your spaceship or the towers differently. e.g. Someone with points in autocracy will speed your ship up  or speed the tower rotation speed up. 

Each person have 4 aspects ranging from 0 to 10. 


This game jam's theme was Genre without Mechanic, in this Tower Defense game you don't build or upgrade towers, you move workers between them to change their characteristics, constantly moving around the map avoiding the enemies that follow you and luring them to the towers' range. 


This game was made by

Alexandre Nasajon

Leonardo Kaplan

Leticia de Vicq

In game soundtrack by Pedro Zisman

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the executable.


Game.zip 20 MB